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Körber Tissue Spare Parts service helps tissue converters choose and maximize OEM parts

Using the right spare parts for maintenance is critical because line efficiency depends on the correct functioning of each part. Cost often drives many tissue converters to decide upon using non-OEM spare parts, and, just as often, they usually come to regret it.

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Spares on-line makes parts ordering easy and cost effective for tissue manufacturers

For many manufacturers, anticipating and fulfilling the need for spare parts can be a challenge. Sometimes it’s a matter of a break or defect that creates an emergency situation. Other times, the availability of someone on the purchasing team to place...

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Why preventive maintenance is critical for embossing rolls

Embossing systems are necessary and expensive equipment options tissue manufacturers use to differentiate their toilet roll and towel products or enhance product attributes. The use of exclusive embossing patterns introduces signature designs. Embossing...

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Increased capacity shows value of OEM parts in tissue converting

Tissue converters around the country and across the globe are increasing capacity and ramping up production to meet consumer demand amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Some facilities report expediting production and operating 24/7 to meet consumers’...

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Should Tissue Converters Buy OEM or Aftermarket Spare Parts?

There are a lot of options for purchasing spare parts for tissue converting equipment. However, choosing OEM parts over non-OEM/aftermarket parts is critical if you want to save what could be thousands of dollars and also reduce the overall risk to your...

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Should tissue converters order OEM or non-OEM spare parts?

It’s an age-old dilemma for tissue converters: use OEM spare parts or non-OEM spare parts? Cost often drives many to decide upon the latter and, just as often, they usually come to regret it.

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Causes, Consequences and Solutions: Preparing for Parts Obsolescence

Parts obsolescence presents ongoing challenges and inherent risks within a number of industries, including tissue converting. Minimizing the threats posed by obsolete parts is both imperative and possible provided you identify the causes, understand the...

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