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How tissue converters use OEE to improve production and profitability

As technologies and machinery advance, optimizing production is a critical goal for toilet paper and paper towel manufacturers. Measuring success against that goal requires a formulaic approach and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) has emerged as a leading key performance indicator.

OEE measures three metrics of the manufacturing process: availability (downtime), performance (production speed), and quality (products meeting standards). The measurements are translated into percentages, and the percentages are averaged to obtain the efficiency of the equipment in the manufacturing environment.

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Planned and unplanned downtime and its impact on tissue converters

Downtime can be a detriment for tissue converters, but it’s also necessary to keep production lines running at peak efficiency. The difference between hindrance and help is whether the downtime is unplanned or planned.

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Is now the right time to buy new tissue equipment?

Tissue converters, like any other product manufacturer, must keep current on equipment in order to remain competitive and efficiently meet customer demand. Doing so generally requires a substantial investment that is carefully considered from all...

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Simplify AFH tissue production with the Perini Proxima S6 industrial rewinder

Convenient and versatile, tissue products remain highly sought after throughout the world for away from home (AFH) applications. Tissue manufacturers and converters must manage the constant demand by adapting to the range of needs in ways that make sense...

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3 Ways the Catalyst embosser is helping tissue converters work smarter

Embossed toilet rolls, kitchen towels, and AFH products are popular throughout the world. The aesthetic appeal and enhanced features provided by embossing capture customers’ attention, and gives tissue manufacturers opportunities to differentiate their...

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Tips for Selling Your Used Tissue Converting Equipment

Tissue converting equipment is a considerable investment. When it comes time for an upgrade or replacement, selling the used machinery is generally a sensible way to monetize remaining value and free up budget space for new capital spend.

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Buy New or Modify Existing Tissue Equipment? Technical Improvements Hold the Answer

Tissue products constantly evolve to meet market demands and consumer preferences. Tissue converters must do likewise to remain relevant to their customers and ahead of the competition. This presents a challenge when it comes to equipment: purchase new...

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Why tissue converters should invest in pre-owned equipment

At one time or another, tissue converters are faced with purchasing or replacing equipment. It is a substantial investment that warrants careful consideration about how to spend capital. There is always the option to buy new, but at times it is simply a...

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Improving Line Safety and Efficiencies With Advanced Equipment Automation

Like any industry predicated on production, tissue manufacturing and converting presents a certain amount of peril to workers. The amount of equipment and humans on a production floor alone can make for hazardous situations, not to mention the often...

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8 questions to ask before purchasing used tissue converting equipment

Tissue converting equipment is a substantial capital investment, leaving some converters to contemplate purchasing used machinery to stretch their budget dollars. Previously owned equipment is a viable option since it’s generally available at a fraction...

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