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3 Strategies tissue manufacturers must use to control production costs

The data that advanced Körber tissue converting technologies and equipment capture reflect key metrics on machine or line availability (downtime), performance (production speed), and product quality.

With these insights, tissue manufacturers can quickly assess their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and take actionable steps to manage production costs through improving machine or line processes.

But, with the proliferation of digital transformation, maximizing capacity is multi-faceted, especially when it comes to controlling production costs. As such, it requires tissue manufacturers to develop an approach that strategically incorporates all elements that funnel into OEE.

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Körber technologies help tissue manufacturers & converters integrate sustainability and operational goals

The pulp and paper industry has some inherent sustainability challenges that need to be addressed. For the sake of the planet and responsible business, tissue manufacturers and converters are taking action in finding opportunities for improvement.


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How Körber solutions help manufacturers overcome the challenges of 3 ongoing supply chain disruptions

As some West Coast port congestion eases in the United States, there’s reason to believe that the paper industry supply chain is showing signs of righting itself. That may ultimately be the case, but the sheer reach and impact of the disruption indicates...

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5 things that influence the cost of adding tissue converting equipment

When adding new or used tissue converting equipment to your line, the cost of doing so doesn’t begin and end with the machine’s purchase price.

There are a number of considerations that impact the total cost of ownership of roll, fold, and packaging...

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4 ways the Perini 456AX embosser helps tissue manufacturers gain operational and competitive advantages

For some tissue converters, running multiple embossed products on production lines at speeds of up to 600 m/min is a daily task. It can also be highly inefficient as roll changeovers for various configurations of kitchen towels, AFH products, and toilet...

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Körber Sam Operational Solution provides operators with valuable virtual assistance

Precision and accuracy are imperative in toilet tissue converting. 

To help manage production and operational efficiencies, complex equipment is used, including toilet tissue roll packaging machines. Manual monitoring requirements can be numerous and...

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Key considerations for tissue converting startups

Large or small, all tissue converters have to start somewhere. Deciding to pursue a tissue converting business — especially one that specializes in rolled product converting production — isn’t an undertaking to be considered lightly. Yet, it’s not one to...

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Körber’s fire fighting system, IR scanner detection system, and blade change TIPs prevent fires, promote safety

Each year, industrial fires are responsible for thousands of worker injuries or deaths, and millions of dollars in property damage and product loss.

Given the fiber-based nature of its products, the pulp and paper industry is particularly susceptible to...

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How to create and implement a toilet roll production business plan

By 2028 the global toilet paper market is expected to grow to nearly $40 billion — a jump of nearly 50% from its current value.1 It also represents revenue opportunities totaling roughly $13.4 billion over that same 7-year period.1

It adds up to...

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How tissue converting machine modifications can help increase OEE and profitability

One key to advancing overall equipment efficiency (OEE) is to take a holistic approach to production and equipment improvements. Opportunities for actions that contribute to consistent equipment availability and performance, and which support the...

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