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Körber’s TMOM helps converters optimize resources & reduce waste through digitalization

19.11.2021 | Jhon Sebastian Niño Cabezas | 3 min read Topics |

Tissue manufacturers and converters of all sizes need to identify and execute performance improvements based on data collection and analysis and move away from manual controls over quality and maintenance and toward integrated, automated systems wherever they can.

In fact, operational alignment and optimization through digitalization offer great potential to help manufacturers and converters increase profit margins and overcome challenges that can range from labor shortages and supply chain disruptions to rising costs of raw materials and energy.

Leading manufacturers that have put Industry 4.0 digitalization capabilities to work report measurable improvements, including:

  • Reductions in equipment downtime of 30 to 50 percent1
  • Labor productivity increases of 15 to 30 percent1
  • Reductions in quality costs of 10 to 20 percent1

Now, tissue manufacturers and converters of all sizes can benefit from a dedicated manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution designed specifically for their industry.

Körber’s Tissue Manufacturing Operations Management (TMOM) solution delivers the benefits of digitalization to large and small tissue converters, enabling them to continuously improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and increase profitability.

TMOM delivers digitalization’s advantages all across operations

The universal goal of digitalization in manufacturing is to create smart solutions that better organize operations by connecting the business side and the production side. These improvements enable maximum use of production lines, a better organized workforce, optimized resources and minimized waste.

Körber created TMOM to meet the specific needs of tissue converters and improve controls beyond the manufacturing execution system (MES), by introducing real-time control and transparency into all four areas of the tissue factory shop floor: production, quality, maintenance, and intralogistics and warehouse processes.

Manual data collection and quality control operations not only disrupt production by requiring lines to stop; they also involve only limited, periodic data gathering, and they introduce a greater likelihood of human error. These data limitations, along with gaps in time between collection, analysis, and action, can leave significant operational improvements unrecognized and unexecuted.

This can create a situation in which improvements and alignments may wait weeks, months or even quarters, or be lost altogether due to human error. That can mean missed opportunities for quality and inventory optimization, production efficiency improvements, and waste and downtime reductions. Ultimately, those losses translate into slimmer profit margins.

TMOM’s modular, end-to-end digitalization is easy to implement

Körber Group is uniquely positioned to deliver digitalization by seamlessly combining the converting expertise of Körber Business Area Tissue and the software expertise of Kodis, which specializes in systems integration and industrial software. 

Because both entities belong to Körber Group, together they can “meet the most demanding customers in terms of speed, choice, and technologically advanced solutions, while also being able to draw on the technological expertise of approximately 10,000 Group employees,” said Franco Franceschi, Performance Services Manager. “TMOM is the result of this collaboration that has combined the expertise of the most advanced and complete supplier in the world of tissue technologies with one of the biggest experts in integration of production systems.”

Because the solution is custom-developed for tissue converters, TMOM was created to integrate easily with converting and warehousing machinery, as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, to efficiently connect MES with maintenance, intralogistics and facilities management for total operational alignment.

TMOM’s supplier- and technology-agnostic capabilities not only eliminate paper records and speed up reporting. Rather, continuous data collection provides transparency and real-time insights into all four corners of production operations. As information is delivered almost instantly to the converter’s systems, applications, and data processing products, improvements become immediately actionable.

The suite of modules can manage end-to-end manufacturing processes, including:

  • Production recipes
  • Electronic job instructions and order requirements for ERP
  • Reporting production performance results
  • Utilization of materials

A critical aspect of the solution’s wide-reaching capabilities is its ease of use. TMOM features a user-friendly interface, and it’s compatible with industrial PCs, desktops, and mobile devices, making it easier to combine lean manufacturing and factory digitalization across all operations. 

This also empowers more individuals to contribute to OEE improvements through more effective work scheduling and less time dedicated to measurement, inspection and reporting. It also allows for further reductions in waste, errors and downtime, for even greater profitability.

Today, TMOM makes it simple and cost-effective for tissue converters of all sizes to use the advantages of digitalization to increase production efficiency by optimizing resources and reducing waste throughout all areas of their operations. Learn more today.

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1McKinsey & Company, The Next Normal: The recovery will be digital, August 2020.

Jhon Sebastian Niño Cabezas

Written by Jhon Sebastian Niño Cabezas

Jhon Sebastian Niño Cabezas is Digital Solutions Manager at Körber and was previously part of its technical management program in which he focused on new machinery and digital innovations. He has a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, operations research and logistics from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Politecnico di Milano.

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