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Whether upgrading equipment or adding rolled tissue products to your line to meet demand, the partnership you choose is as important as the machinery. Körber is the trusted name in tissue manufacturing innovation. Our rewinders/winders, log saws, and advanced, custom technologies are designed to solve even the toughest production challenges while enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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Fold napkins and interfold products continue to gain global popularity and dominate brand expansion. Trusted suppliers are finding it practical and profitable to add Körber converting and packaging equipment that makes it possible to offer folded product services that meet current and anticipated needs.

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Helping our partners succeed doesn’t end at the production line. We proactively lean into training, technical support, data analysis, spare parts provision, and other value-added services that make our equipment, technologies, and relationships more effective and efficient.

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Kӧrber is dedicated to helping our partners strategically develop innovative products that disrupt existing channels, open new markets, and create competitive differentiation. Our tissue expertise and forward-thinking technologies in design, analysis, prototyping, and embossing address current challenges and prepare our partners for sustained future success.

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Enhanced Körber Customer Service Portal improves after-sale support and the overall tissue customer experience

17.05.2022 | Körber Tissue Team | 3 min read Topics |

The Körber Ecosystem is a revolutionary approach aimed at integrating all technologies that make up a tissue production environment. Of those technologies, after-sale support plays an important role in shaping the overall tissue customer experience.

A customer service portal has been available to Körber tissue converting and packaging customers since 2015, making services available after the sale to customers with related installed bases. However, recent customer survey feedback pointed to a desire for even broader post-sale online support, collaboration, and interactivity with Körber.

To meet customer needs and expectations as well as align the technology with Körber Ecosystem goals, the Körber Customer Service Portal has undergone some exciting changes.

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New features increase portal visibility and usability

Designed to be the main post-sale touchpoint, the Körber Customer Service Portal is an information destination. Customers with installed bases can quickly review machine details, retrieve live data from connected equipment, and access digital services and Körber experts with complete confidence. The portal is connected to an identity provider to verify user access and protect all information.

Enhancements to the portal further increase visibility. Focus has expanded from converting and packaging customers to those areas plus fold, embossing, and digital to ensure accessibility to all Körber tissue customers. Further, strategic changes were made so users can easily link to key services from the single screen interface.

The new portal helps users find everything they need around their equipment.

The upgraded transversal search field and new Körber chat widget provide fast connectivity to standard and on-request information including:

  • Installed base equipment lists (converting roll and fold, packaging)
  • Machine documentation (e.g., user manuals, spare parts lists, maintenance cycles, etc.)
  • Technical improvement programs (TIPs)
  • Spares Online webshop
  • eTraining
  • CMMS with specific maintenance tasks
  • Live data from connected machines
  • Online configurator of embossing rolls
  • All the referents for after-sales responsible for the customer success with name, role, telephone number and email

Strategic upgrades maximize portal performance and customer results

What makes the portal even more innovative is that it evolves with each customer. Additional available services that align with a customer’s assets are suggested for consideration, as well as a broader showcase of Körber products that our experts can walk through with customers.

By focusing on these features, the Körber Customer Service Portal will ultimately allow customers to follow the complete cycle of their after-sale requests completely online, including automated requests for assistance.

Experience the enhanced Körber Customer Service Portal at iT’s Tissue 2022

Körber Tissue experts will share the customer service portal vision at iT’s Tissue 2022, from June 6-10. Live demonstrations at the Körber open house will provide opportunities for you to see what’s new — and what’s next — for this unique after-sale technology touchpoint.

Reach out to the Körber team to learn more about the enhanced Körber Customer Service Portal, and how it’s designed to evolve with your needs.

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