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The place to find quick delivery tissue converting, packaging, and folded equipment solutions that combine advanced technologies and expert support.


The marketplace for trusted pre-owned converting and packaging machines, chosen by our industry experts and ready to provide fast restarts in plants worldwide.


Whether upgrading equipment or adding rolled tissue products to your line to meet demand, the partnership you choose is as important as the machinery. Körber is the trusted name in tissue manufacturing innovation. Our rewinders/winders, log saws, and advanced, custom technologies are designed to solve even the toughest production challenges while enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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Fold napkins and interfold products continue to gain global popularity and dominate brand expansion. Trusted suppliers are finding it practical and profitable to add Körber converting and packaging equipment that makes it possible to offer folded product services that meet current and anticipated needs.

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Helping our partners succeed doesn’t end at the production line. We proactively lean into training, technical support, data analysis, spare parts provision, and other value-added services that make our equipment, technologies, and relationships more effective and efficient.

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Digital Tissue™ smart services and technical solutions combine the potential of Big Data with our field-proven technical expertise to help our partners realize maximum productivity and profitability. Our industry-leading technologies are reshaping the business models behind how tissue manufacturers go to market.

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Kӧrber is dedicated to helping our partners strategically develop innovative products that disrupt existing channels, open new markets, and create competitive differentiation. Our tissue expertise and forward-thinking technologies in design, analysis, prototyping, and embossing address current challenges and prepare our partners for sustained future success.

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iT’s Tissue 2018: Transforming the Industry With Digital Innovations

11.07.2018 | Pete Augustine | 3 min di lettura Topics | ,

iT’s Tissue 2018 brought together key tissue industry innovators, technologies and converter customers from across five continents — 2,000+ guests and representatives from 85 countries —  to experience what has long been lauded as one of the most reputable product showcases and networking opportunities in the industry. This truly global perspective on the tissue converting industry drew many senior industry executives to Lucca, Italy on June 25-29. Among them was Pete Augustine, President of Fabio Perini North America (FPNA), who found iT’s Tissue 2018 particularly insightful for attendees from North America, including the top Fabio Perini customers.

“iT’s Tissue 2018 really focused on digital transformation,” Augustine explained. “It gave companies like Fabio Perini — that was founded on innovation — a chance to explore the major step changes that are taking place in the industry. For Fabio Perini, that means continuing to combine digital initiatives, existing equipment and new technologies to help our customers simplify their production processes.”

Equipment Innovations

At Fabio Perini’s iT’s Tissue open house, demonstrations of leading-edge equipment captured this forward thinking, and also provided insights into how Fabio Perini uses data generated in customers’ facilities to customize and provide actionable guidance that translates to efficient production. Featured breakthrough technologies included:
  • New Constellation™ S6 that delivers the industry’s widest operating window and bulk development capability for medium-level production, as well as Punzoncini for gentle and controlled winding, intuitive Easy HMI for simplified line operation and the All-in-One application to maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and performance.

  • 179AX Log Saw with Automatic Blade Changeover that uses a patented system for automatic blade changeovers that takes less than 3 minutes to complete, keeps operators completely safe and can be done without stopping the rewinder — all while delivering a consistent 270 cuts/min.

  • New Casmatic CARBON-T Concept Wrapper is the only machine capable of changing pack width and length formats on overhead flights without operator intervention — an 80% time savings — and includes parts built from carbon fiber material to improve wrapper speed, performance and maintenance.

  • CMB270 Bundler runs at speeds of up to 27 bundles per minute and offers a smaller machine footprint, 60% reduction in energy consumption and high levels of automation that drastically cut format changeover time.
Further, the recent acquisition of MTC by Korber Group provided an opportunity to reinforce the seamless integration of Fabio Perini and MTC, and showcase two interfolding machines for facial and towel products.
  • The wide ITF 7000 Interfolder can reach speeds up to 240 m/min with facial tissue product and is equipped with a unique Gang Saw, which is the best technical solution for this type of product

  • Narrow ITF 6000 Interfolder is a combo line for facial and towel tissue. The line can reach speeds up to 230 m/min, and automatic separation speeds of up to 22 cycles
The ITF Series provides unmatched productivity, quality and performance through use of vacuum folding technology. In addition, its cassette system enables production of different product sizes in a matter of hours with equal productivity, quality and performance.

Smart Services and Applications

In addition to superior equipment capabilities, Fabio Perini incorporates a digital platform of smart services and applications that uses data generated within customers’ facilities to form actionable guidance to fully leverage efficiencies. Commercially available, these services include:
  • Condition Monitoring is a predictive maintenance tool used to identify deviation in process functionality and plan maintenance operations in advance. Machine vibration sensors collect, measure and analyze data to detect anomalies and take appropriate actions.

  • Tissue Data is a smart system to collect, monitor and analyze real-time data gathered from single machines and/or entire production lines in the same facility or across different locations.

  • All-in-One is a smart application that integrates converting and packaging processes in order to maximize automation and remove human intervention from production.

  • Process Control Systems measure and monitor, in real time, the most important properties of tissue and finished product — paper caliper, log weight, log diameter and log firmness.


Bridging all of the products and applications Fabio Perini offers is the WECARE Solutions platform that optimizes OEE of converting and packaging lines through specialized training and high-touch technical support and easily accessible customer support.

For more information on the Fabio Perini innovations featured at iT’s Tissue 2018, or to learn more about how we can help solve your converting and packaging challenges, reach out to Fabio Perini today!
Pete Augustine

Written by Pete Augustine

Pete Augustine oversees the entire operation for Körber in North America, including strategic planning, sales, and production. Augustine holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from Purdue. He also served as a Captain in the United States Army. Augustine was named a 2017 TAPPI Fellow and currently serves on the TAPPI Board of Directors as its Vice Chair.

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