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Perini Constellation Pilot Line

Leverage high-speed production, maximum flexibility, and cost savings through Perini Constellation™ Pilot Line

14.01.2021 | Dario Giannini | 4 min read Topics | ,

Perini Constellation remains at the forefront of premier tissue converting solutions because of its remarkable versatility. In turbulent times such as those presented in the second half of 2020, tissue manufacturers are particularly concerned about production efficiencies, product differentiation, and speed to market.

Maintaining and improving outcomes in these areas led globally situated Körber partners spanning Europe, Asia, and the Americas put the high-speed Constellation pilot line to the test.

The diversity of testing goals — and the efficiency with which each was accomplished — speaks volumes about how the high-speed Perini Constellation is more than forward-thinking technological innovation. It is a practical, flexible solution for the challenges tissue manufacturers face in an evolving industry.

Testing processes

Flexibility is the key in remaining responsive to customer testing requirements. Whether tests run a few hours or a few weeks, the high-speed Constellation line runs with the same characteristics of a real, full-size line.

It’s important to note the line testing our global customers undertook was purposely performed on projects not in production, but rather just out of R&D so information is available for appropriate testing. Doing so makes the process easier and less expensive to mimic real line conditions.

Necessary adjustments to the roller, embosser, log saw, tail sealer, and rewinder are done in as little as one day of preparation, which makes running even more than one test per day possible. They are also effortless on the Pilot Line because of advanced Constellation capabilities. Switching from one product specification to another is accomplished in a very short amount of time, providing cost savings over the typical half-day allowed for spec adjustments on traditional lines.

Testing highlights

Reviewing how our customers used the Perini Constellation pilot line for testing provides the truest sense of the machine’s range of capabilities.

1. Warmup technology: Greater profitability through faster production and packaging

The pilot line’s Warmup technology is a versatile and valuable tool for adding bulk and preserving paper characteristics without changing 2- or 3-ply bath roll specifications. Due to its high-speed production rate, roll diameter, tensile strength, and firmness can be adjusted up or down without introducing vibration or other efficiency compromises. Bath roll firmness, in particular, contributes to faster processes in both production and packaging, saving time and money that can then be translated into greater profitability.

2. Fast, cost-effective, and repeatable matching of paper types to embossing rolls

More than one of Körber’s global customers engaging in testing was challenged in finding paper types with characteristics that could stand up to their embossing rolls. Using the high-speed pilot line proved beneficial in that the parent reel generated by paper machine pilot lines is only 500mm-wide paper, compared to the typical 2.8 meter width on a real line. As such, easy parent reel changes made testing dozens of different paper types during one session possible. Finding the right combination of paper characteristics to align with the specific embossing rolls was faster, cheaper, and easily repeatable in the future, should the need arise.

3. Direct embossing pattern comparisons lead to fast, accurate decision making

A direct opposite of the paper type testing, selecting embossing patterns based on paper type is also possible on the Perini Constellation pilot line. A couple of Körber customers struggling with embossing pattern selection had narrowed their choices to about a half-dozen options. They had success with and were committed to continuing to use one specific paper type, provided they could combine it with multiple embossing patterns. The pilot line testing allowed for comparison of the 6 embossing patterns under consideration, and how the paper reacted to each. Readily having proof of consistent embossing depth, dot management, and other embossing pattern characteristics allowed the customer to proceed with confidence in a fraction of the time allotted for decision making.

4. Line flexibility allows for timely facemask production and protection

In the era of COVID-19, personal protective equipment is at a premium. The high and ongoing demand led to innovation in response to a customer’s request as well as small batching for internal use at multiple Körber Group facilities in Europe and for some schools and community events. Constellation pilot line flexibility once again factored into the solution. The machine was outfitted with specific facemask production equipment and tested using non-woven material. Protection level, material suitability, and other critical aspects related to the application were able to be scrutinized well before any production commitment — keeping people safe with a timely solution.

Striking a balance in production efficiencies, product differentiation, and speed to market is essential for tissue manufacturers to not only navigate the current global crisis, but to thrive in markets going forward. The Perini Constellation pilot line is an essential part of customer product development, as are all state-of-the-art pilot lines available through Körber PIVOT Solutions. The synthesis of the two allows Kӧrber to perform and share smart analyses on machines and processes — helping tissue manufacturers accomplish their goals faster, with greater returns.

Contact Körber to learn more about how the industry-leading Perini Constellation Pilot Line can benefit you.

Dario Giannini

Written by Dario Giannini

Dario Giannini is Customer Product Innovation Manager at Körber where he oversees PIVOT, a center of excellence for tissue converting and packaging. During his more than 15 years with the company he has held product and business development roles related to embossing and tissue products that create long-term customer value.

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