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2021 in review; Looking ahead to 2022 and the opportunities it holds for the tissue industry

2.02.2022 | Oswaldo Cruz, Jr. | 3 min read Topics |

Moving into the new year, I’m reminded of just how many challenges 2021 presented. Our customers and the Körber team worked hard — and worked together — to find solutions. The collaboration made difficult times easier, outcomes more impactful, and the future an exciting place of possibilities.

As a tissue leader, Körber has the responsibility and privilege of supporting our industry and customers with initiatives that inspire growth in 2022 and beyond. To that end, Körber pivoted to broader solutions in 2021. We focused our efforts on providing a fully integrated approach to speed, technologically advanced solutions, and service that leverages our world-class machinery and expertise:

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1. An expanding Körber ecosystem

Intentionally transitioning from a trusted machinery supplier to a true strategic partner that provides broader solutions may seem nuanced, but in actuality, the shift encompasses a focused customer-first mindset. The Körber ecosystem enhances our considerable tissue converting and packaging skillsets with knowledge from other business areas of the Group — such as cutting-edge logistics solutions from Supply Chain or the advanced cloud technologies and software of Digital. Leaning into this fully integrated business approach puts us in the best position to remain responsive, solve problems, and consistently earn the trust of tissue manufacturers and converters.

2. World-class product portfolio

Körber has long maintained pride of place in the global tissue market for our unique product portfolio. But, we do not innovate for innovation’s sake. Many of our technologies and equipment solutions are born from challenges tissue manufacturers bring to us or the industry consistently faces. Körber is firmly committed to identifying needs, offering fresh perspectives, and engineering technologies and equipment that fully address issues and preferences.

3. Think global, act local

Part of Körber’s strength is a large portfolio capable of addressing a wide range of differing product needs throughout the world. For example, consumers in China prefer practicality over beauty, so Soild+, toilet paper without a core or central hole is a great option. In the United States, consumers generally prefer soft tissue products making Perini Constellation ideal for production.

In addition, Körber has strategically placed physical locations throughout the world. Mauro Luna, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Körber Business Area Tissue credits such global proximity to customers as central to providing Körber with difference-making speed and flexibility.

But, physical proximity isn’t the only way Körber remains responsive. Luna credits remote capabilities as central to removing geographic boundaries that limit other suppliers. “There are over 1,200 employees worldwide, including the biggest salesforce and number of technicians in the industry, who can support customers anywhere in the world,” Luna commented.

4. Research and development that supports innovation and efficiencies

Körber is a thought leader, so looking to the future in research and development is second nature, especially as it relates to helping tissue manufacturers save money.

According to Luca Frasnetti, Chief Technology Officer at Körber Business Area Tissue, “Offsetting the cost of raw materials — specifically paper and glue — is an efficiency Körber has pursued with R&D., we’ve introduced breakthrough innovations such as Warm-Up contactless, the electromagnetic induction heating system for embossing.”

Frasnetti also feels Körber is well-positioned to guide customers in two important tissue market trends: sustainability and e-commerce.

Körber’s early and ongoing global experimentation with alternative fibers such as bamboo and wheat provide a decided advantage in the area of sustainability. Having hands-on experience with alternate materials is vital for informed choices, and informed choices play a part in preserving an increasingly fragile environment.

In many ways, sustainability initiatives also influence e-commerce. The Casmastic Zephyrus is a leading example. The four-module flexible solution adds production efficiency on packaging lines without wasted time. “The Zephyrus is the environmentally friendly way to deliver tissue products in ways that respond to mixed consumption needs,” Frasnetti explained. “It makes our customers’ e-commerce a simple, fast, and personalized experience.”

Lastly, the limited number of skilled workers paired with demand to achieve greater overall equipment efficiency (OEE) presents a need to rely more on technology innovations to achieve operational goals. SAM Operational Solution maximizes production efficiency and product quality through autonomous monitoring and correction. It identifies in real time deviations from final product design and independently identifies which corrections should be made and how to make them.

Working as a team to navigate 2021, Körber and our customers are stronger and more optimistic about the future of tissue than ever before. Exciting opportunities await us in 2022!


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