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Valmet Tissue Converting expands MY family to support the needs & success of tissue converters

With 100 lines sold and installed worldwide, MYLine a testament to how Valmet combines industry-leading innovation with cutting-edge technologies and support to provide tailored solutions to global customers. They trust Valmet to find ways to consistently reduce lead times, optimize OEE, and provide excellent value for the money – and the MY family of Perini and MTC brands delivers.

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Innovative solutions help tissue manufacturers be more efficient and competitive

Competitive advantage in the tissue industry is paramount for manufacturers. Leveraging innovation in technologies and equipment provides key opportunities for gaining market share, especially when partnering with a world leader in tissue technologies.


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Valmet Spare Parts service helps tissue converters choose and maximize OEM parts

Using the right spare parts for maintenance is critical because line efficiency depends on the correct functioning of each part. Cost often drives many tissue converters to decide upon using non-OEM spare parts, and, just as often, they usually come to...

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3 Strategies tissue manufacturers must use to control production costs

The data that advanced Valmet converting technologies and equipment capture reflect key metrics on machine or line availability (downtime), performance (production speed), and product quality.

With these insights, tissue manufacturers can quickly assess...

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7 Ways Valmet helps bridge the U.S. tissue industry’s growing skilled labor gap

On the whole, the U.S. labor market continues to struggle to find enough skilled workers to meet demand, and Manufacturing is one of the industries most affected by the shortage. With pandemic-related challenges and an estimated 22% of the existing...

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Valmet technology solutions to consider to improve OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the objective measure of productivity in a tissue manufacturing facility. OEE provides data-driven insights into processes, and how those processes are either optimizing or obstructing best use of equipment and...

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Valmet Kit Bio Pack plus revolutionizes tissue product packaging with uncoated paper and innovative nozzle-fed glue application

Globally, about 36% of all plastics produced are currently used specifically for packaging.1 It’s a troubling statistic in a world that’s increasingly sensitive to the ecological impact of plastic. It’s also the impetus behind plastic-free packaging...

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Geopolitics, sustainability, and technology: key insights from Tissue World Düsseldorf 2023

More than 1,500 tissue professionals from 80 countries gathered at Tissue World Düsseldorf 2023 (TWD) to network with global colleagues and explore the future of the tissue industry.

During the nearly four dozen educational sessions, presenters focused...

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How embossing impacts toilet tissue aesthetics and consumer buying behavior

The origins of toilet tissue embossing are rooted in practically. The three-dimensional patterns increase surface area and liquid absorbency of the tissue, and also keep multiple plies from peeling apart.

Absorbency and bonding remain key benefits of...

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Glue-free technologies increase environmental & operational efficiencies

Converting tissue into rolled products is an adhesive-intensive process. It requires a total of four adhesives: one used during core winding, a second during pickup/transfer, a third for ply bonding lamination, and a fourth seals the tail.

With greater...

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